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OSAA Weekly – January 7, 2021


Risk Level Infographic
Infographic was developed to provide a visual to the current guidance set forth by the Governor and Oregon Health Authority (OHA).
NOTE: Guidelines for K-12 School Sports are now based on a county’s COVID-19 risk level (lower, moderate, high, extreme). Guidelines for K-12 School Sports is no longer tied to a school’s instructional model. Refer to ODE guidance for reopening to in-person instruction for additional information on school operations.

Updated FAQ’s
Have been published after the changes to state guidance late last year. Contact Executive Staff with any questions.

Season 1 Plan Books Updated
Plan books for Season 1 activities have been updated. Please visit the specific activity page for more information.

Updated NCAA Eligibility Center Resources
The High School Counselor Guide and the Registration Checklist have been updated.



2021 MacTarnahan Scholarship
Six $3,000 scholarships are available to Oregon high school seniors graduating in the year 2021.

OSAA Foundation Participation Grant
Apply for a grant (up to $10,000) to support initiatives in your school!



Wildwood Running emerges as resource for female runners
High school coaches Robyn McGillis, Marie Davis Markham join forces for support program that addresses issues unique to girls.


In our continued efforts to do our part to keep our community, our students and families safe from the threat of COVID-19, all Marcola Schools (MSD) and properties are closed through until further notice. MSD continues to work alongside and support our local and state leaders in this fight. These closures are in full support of the Governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Lives” recommendations and follow the Governor’s Executive Orders dated March 23, 2020.


It has come to our attention that community members and more specifically, young people are convening on our properties, our athletic fields, and playgrounds. It is critically important for the public to understand that the coronavirus continues to live on surfaces including playground equipment, athletic equipment, public seating areas and so much more. Until we receive information from our state and national health officials that we are no longer a community at risk of the spread of COVID, all TTSD properties will remain closed.

(Portland, OR)—Governor Kate Brown today issued Executive Order 20-12, directing everyone in Oregon to stay at home to the maximum extent possible and adding to the list of businesses that will be temporarily closed to stem the spread of COVID-19 in Oregon. The order is effective immediately, and remains in effect until ended by the Governor.

Read the Full News Release

This is an update on school closures in Oregon. We will now be closed until April 28 unless that period is extended or terminated by the Governor. Marcola School District is the only school district in Lane County who has put systems in place to provide a virtual/hybrid instructional program to continue instruction, food service and school in general.  We will continue to operate as we have this week, and we will continue to respond to feedback from our staff, students and parents in regards to all students accessing a free and appropriate public education in a virtual/hybrid classroom.

Currently, our staff, students and community have been awesome in supporting our efforts to provide food service, instruction and other services.  However, we want all of our families to know if you are having difficulties with technology, food services, and special services for students who need extra assistance, please call us at 541-933-2512 and we will put solutions in place for you and your child.

Office of the Governor, Executive Order 20-08

Robo Call to Families:

We are providing our families daily information regarding the school closure due to the spread of the coronavirus.   Our schools are closed until April 1st and this could change in the near future, keeping our schools closed for a longer period of time. Marcola School District is offering virtual instruction for all students K-12 beginning Monday, March 16.  Please refer to our web site for daily updates regarding the following topics:

  1. Accessing instruction virtually
  2. Supports for our students with special needs
  3. Food service program – pick up and/or delivery of food for the free and reduced program
  4. Pick up of computers and/or packets of instructional materials and resources

The elementary school will be open at 9:00 am for elementary parents to pick up computers and instructional resources for our virtual/independent study program starting Monday the 16th.

If you do not have internet access at home, please call the school on Monday to make alternate arrangements at 541-933-2512

Marcola School District will be offering grab and go food service from 11:00 – 1:00 starting Monday, March 16.  The food service crew will provide meals on the go every Monday and Wednesday at the Elementary School. They are free to anyone 18 years of age or younger.  If one is 19 or older a $3 fee will be charged. Please bring a backpack, box or bag to carry the meals home. There will be no eating on campus. If you or child are unable to come to campus at that time, we can arrange meal delivery for students who qualify for free and reduced food service.  Please contact the school by 11am on Monday, March 16 at 541-933-2512 if you need to arrange for delivery.

In addition, elementary parents can pick up laptops on Monday from 11:00 – 1:00 or 5:00 – 7:00 pm. at the elementary cafetorium. Parents who do not have access to the internet please call the school district at 541-933-2512. We will look into solutions for you to access the internet and/or provide materials and resources for your child to continue school from home.

Dear Mohawk Jr/Sr. High School Parents,

With school physically closed for at least the next couple of weeks, Mohawk will be continuing to provide education virtually.  We are putting pieces in place to help students continue to make academic progress while they cannot be in their classes. This may look different for different classes.  Some may be daily work and readings or videos in the teacher’s Google Classroom, while others may require students to access Google Meet to be a part of the online class at a specific time of day with the teacher actually providing instruction digitally.  Each teacher will post what their class will be doing in their Google Classroom with instructions for how to use Google Meet if necessary. The regular schedule is included below for your reference.

We need parent help to make sure your student is logging in to their school account, visiting their Google Classrooms, and checking their school email daily, just as if they were attending classes on campus.   Attendance will be taken, just like at school. Students can email or contact their teacher through Google apps to get extra help on assignments if needed. Parents of students on IEPs will be contacted directly to make specific arrangements.

Students who needed technology to make this shift to virtual learning were issued a District chromebook computer on Thursday. Other students reported that they had a computer to use at home already.  If your student is having tech issues accessing virtual classes, Google Classroom, or academic content, email our computer help desk at

If you do not have internet access at home, please call the school on Monday to make alternate arrangements at 541-933-2512.  

Additionally, for our students receiving free or reduced price breakfast and lunch, you or the student may pick up meals between 11am and 1pm on Monday and Wednesday in the cafetorium to take home.  Please bring a backpack, box, or bag to haul the meals home. There will be no eating on campus.  If you are unable to come to campus at that time, we can arrange meal delivery for most students.  Please contact the school by 11 am on Monday, March 16 at 541-933-2512 if you need to arrange for delivery.

Thank you for your patience as we work through the kinks and get everyone up and running.  In Marcola, we are proud to provide opportunities to meet the needs of every student.



Stacey Whaley

Mohawk Jr./Sr. High School Principal

This is an update for the Marcola School District’s plans and procedures for continuing virtual/hybrid instruction for all students K-12.  All high school and middle school students are equipped to connect to their classroom teacher via google classroom and should be logging on at 8:00 Monday morning to follow their normal schedule.  We will need parents help to make sure students are logging on to their google classroom and completing tasks as assigned. Students have access to their teacher and can ask for additional help and support when needed.  Some teachers are providing on-line instruction during their normal class period and they are also recording the lesson to allow students the opportunity to connect from anywhere at anytime. Any parent or student needing assistance with technology, please contact our computer help desk an

The elementary school will have employees available on Monday to check out computers to families and provide “take home” food services for any student who qualifies for the free and reduced program. In addition, we will have staff available to help parents and students navigate the virtual applications and google classroom.

Students who do not have access to the internet can check in to the front office on Monday and we will put plans in place to accommodate their needs.  Students who need additional support will be contacted individually by their teacher to set up plans and procedures for supporting them 1:1 in virtual and non virtual settings.  If you do not have internet access at home please call the school on Monday to make alternate arrangements at 541-933-2512.

Our students receiving free or reduced price breakfast and lunch can still pick up meals between 11am and 1pm on Monday and Wednesday in the elementary cafetorium to take home.  Please bring a backpack,box or bag to carry the meals home. We will not be feeding groups of people on campus. We are also arranging for meal delivery for students/families who cannot pick up food and prefer to have it delivered to their home. 

We are proud that our staff, students and community have been well prepared for virtual delivery of instruction for times when we have to shut down our schools.  Although we are closing our schools we are still providing instruction. Please know, we will continue to update the Corona Virus Alerts page on a daily basis. Please check the updates before making phone calls.  Your question may already be answered 😉

Per Governor Brown’s announcement regarding school closures, the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) has suspended interscholastic practices and contests for sports and activities for all member schools effective today through March 31. 

During this suspension we will evaluate this evolving public health situation with the Oregon Health Authority, the Oregon Department of Education, the OSAA Executive Board, the OSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee and member school administrators from throughout the state to determine when, or if, to resume the spring season.

This is an official notice that Marcola School District will be closing and providing virtual instruction next week and beyond.  I am very proud of our staff and admin team to put systems in place in advance of any possible safety issues that may require our schools to close. Students have been informed about the possibility of a school closure, and all students in grades 6-12 know how to  access their teacher via google classroom and google meets for face to face instruction. Elementary students and parents will also have access to their teacher through the internet via google classroom and other online applications. Parents of elementary students can pick up electronic devices and other resources for their children on Monday.  Marcola School District will continue to provide our students (K-12 ) with breakfast and lunch meals as a pick up at the elementary school and/or delivery to those families who do not have transportation to pick up the meals. We are also providing support staff on campus to provide students services who need additional support to be successful in school.  We will be sending out more updates on a daily basis. If you have concerns or questions please forward them to me.

As the number of confirmed coronavirus COVID-19 cases in Oregon increases and as we continue to receive new guidance on suspension of events that bring large groups of students, adults and community members together we are putting systems in place to prevent the spread of the virus. Please know at this time we are cancelling all activities and events until further notice.   Currently we are planning to keep school open next week. In the event of a school closure we are preparing for alternative delivery of instruction using the internet, chromebooks, and other documents that can be picked up at the school. Middle and High School Students who do not already have a computer will be issued a computer to take home today. Students who do not have internet will be allowed to access their courses at the school in designated areas.  Elementary students who need computers at home to access their teacher and instruction will be allowed to pick up a computer at the elementary school if school is closed. We will have plans to provide meals to our families who need access to our breakfast and lunch program. Marcola School District will continue to provide updated information about the corona virus on our web-site, through email and robo calls. As of now, consider school to be open next week. In the meantime, If you or your child has any of the identified symptoms please do not send your children to school.    

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