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May 31, 2020

Re: Graduation Details

The Graduation Parade is on Saturday, June 6th starting at 11am.  

  • Graduates should plan to be at the Mohawk Valley Assembly of God on the west end of Marcola (across from the fire station) at 10:30am to line up (with only their family members who will be in the car for the parade.)  Graduates should wear their cap/gown/ cords/etc. just like they would to a regular graduation.
  • Additional family and friends should station themselves along Marcola Road on the way to the school.  They should bring electronic devices (phones, tablets, etc.) to watch the live stream of the event at the school from their spot on the parade route.
  • Graduates will be parading straight down Marcola Road (via vehicle) to the school in their caps and gowns so everyone can cheer them on. (Take pictures and share them on Facebook by tagging the group “Mohawk High School Community”.)
  • Graduates and their vehicles will pull into the school parking lot in their marching order and can watch the speeches on their phones, tablets, or devices from their vehicles.
  • Graduates will then “drive through” and receive their diploma in front of the school. For safety, only the graduate will exit the vehicle to receive their diploma and have their photo taken by the official photographer provided by the school. They will then get back in their vehicle and circle around to get back in line.
  • After all graduates have received their diplomas, the Class of 2020 will continue to parade back through town for more cheers. (Make sure your family and friends know to wait for the return parade!)
  • All drive-through events at the school will be live streamed for viewing on phones, tablets and other devices along the parade route so spectators can maintain social distancing.  

NO SPECTATORS MAY WATCH FROM SCHOOL GROUNDS unless they are in and remain in the vehicle with the graduate. There will be NO PARKING and NO RESTROOMS available at the school. Parents are encouraged to drive the vehicle so the graduate can wave out the window, sunroof, or from the back of a truck during the parade, and they will have “front row seats” to watch from the vehicle as their student receives their diploma.  Escorts are required to remain in the vehicle during the event. Photos of each graduate will be taken for parents to download for free from the district website and Facebook afterward.  Graduates, please feel free to decorate your vehicle for the occasion.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and statewide ODE requirements for social distancing, the school will NOT be holding a traditional graduation ceremony like those in the past this year. The graduation parade will be held in its place for 2020.

Re: Baccalaureate 2020

The Marcola Christian Church graciously invites graduates to participate in the 2020 Baccalaureate Celebration and Blessing on Wednesday, June 3, 2020 from 7:00-7:30pm.  For those who don’t know, a baccalaureate is a traditional blessing bestowed upon the graduating class in a non-denominational ceremony.  

Graduates are invited to wear their caps and gowns to the church for the short service, followed by the Senior Slide Show and outdoor photos of the graduating class (if weather permits.)  During this event, 6 foot social distancing will be maintained throughout the ceremony and photos. In order to maintain an allowable group of 25 or less, family members and others will not be allowed inside for the event, but can watch the live stream via the Mohawk Christian Church page on Facebook Live from their vehicles outside.

If your graduate plans on attending the Baccalaureate Celebration, they must RSVP by Monday, June 1 by calling Mrs. Gill at the school. (541-933-2512)  This is an optional event.

Please direct any further questions to Mrs. Gill at Mohawk High School by emailing, or calling 541-933-2512.


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