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Holiday Farm Fire Resources

If you are in need of food/supplies due to the impact of the Holiday Farm Fire you can visit the Donation Center located at 2699 Roosevelt Blvd in Eugene, 7AM-7PM 7 days a week. Some of the items available are…


Holiday Farm Fire Resources Update

MARC (Multi Agency Resource Center) is being staged at The Lane County Fairgrounds today, September 17th and Friday, September 18th 12PM - 7PM. This is for anyone impacted by the Holiday Farm Fire in including our Marcola School District families and…


ODE Response to Willamette Week Article

WILLAMETTE WEEK ODE RESPONSE March 26, 2020 Dear Virtual Public Charter School Leaders and District Sponsors, We read the Willamette Week article about virtual public charter schools and immediately started getting emails and calls with questions. The article published today…

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