Laurie Smart

Dear Friends, Staff and Students of the Marcola School District,

It is with great respect and admiration for Ms. Laurie Smart that I express the Marcola School District’s sadness for her recent passing.  Laurie has proudly served the youth of the Marcola community since 2011 and has always been a strong advocate for innovation and improvements in the best interest of students and the community as a whole.  As Superintendent of Marcola School District, I had the pleasure of meeting Laurie in June of 2014 and was immediately impressed by her professionalism, attention to detail and her commitment to the youth in the Marcola Community.  She believed that youth are the most important asset for a thriving community, and if you could explain how any change would help the youth of Marcola thrive, she gave her full support.

During Laurie’s tenure as a board member, board vice chair and board chair she provided leadership to build a new school, expand technology, add Career Tech Education (CTE) Programs of Study, increase enrollment, buy a farm to expand the CTE programs, support the System Wide Accreditation process, expand extracurricular opportunities, and open a Charter School to support students who need alternative education programs.  Laurie was proud of Marcola School District and the Marcola community and although she owned and managed a restaurant, volunteered as a leader for the Lions Club and the LEO club, attended numerous school meetings and events, she still found time to come by and visit the school and her other family – the Marcola School District Students and Staff.

Laurie Smart will be missed by everyone in the Marcola community, but her legacy as a very innovative and progressive school board member will never be lost.