Coyote Outdoor School – Family Information Night


Please join us at Family Info Night to delve into Coyote Outdoor School details, including schedules, meals, health care, activities, overnight accommodations, packing lists, and more.

Bring the whole family! We will have a Q&A session with opportunities for parents and students to ask Coyote Outdoor School staff questions.

Time: 5:30p to 6:30p

Date: Friday, February 21

Location: Mohawk High School (Marcola,

OR) and Virtual


5:30-5:40 Family Night Opening

5:40-6:15 Outdoor School Overview

6:15-6:30 Q&A session

Family Information Night Flyer


We cordially invite you to join our annual Coyote Outdoor School program April 6th – 10th at the SKY Camp in Fall Creek. This 5 day, four night program will be unlike any other camp experience your student has had before. Step off the “bus” and into a forest full of natural mysteries and fun adventures. Coyote Outdoor School invites you to explore diverse landscapes full of old-growth trees, dancing creeks, and endless animal trails.

Every Field Study group (approx. 30 students) receives guidance and instruction from seven Coyote Outdoor School leaders. Groups get to work with different Coyote Leaders who specialize in each Field Study, and have professional Instructors who guide and teach the same group throughout the week.

All participants go home with keepsakes that will help them remember the magic of their outdoor school experience.

Go to for more information about the Coyote Outdoor School program.

Program costs cover:

  • Programming, lodging, food, field supplies & Lab group sizes of five.
  • Guides for teachers and admin.
  • Pre-trip lessons and family packets.
  • Resources to continue the learning at school and home.

Keepsakes for every participant:

  • Field Journal
  • Coyote Outdoor School Pencil
  • Coyote Outdoor School Bandanna in student’s Lab Group color
  • “Wood Cookie” Name Tag
  • Beads earned for Field Studies and Wildkin Community Roles
  • Best of all, this event is FREE* for all 5th and 6th grade students. We will be hosting a Parent Info session on February 21st from 5:30p-6:30p virtually and live in Marcola. Sign up now to reserve your seat for an amazing outdoor adventure.

*6th grade students who attended last year are not covered by grant funding. Sign up anyways! We’re still working on securing additional funding for these students.