Curt Irish, Long Time Marcola Resident, Supports the Marcola School District Farm to School and Career Technical Education Program.

Curt Irish

Marcola School District (MSD) is leading the way when it comes to Career Technical Education (CTE) programs in rural schools.  In the past 5 years, MSD has implemented 5 Career Tech Education Programs of Study; Agriculture, Construction, Engineering, Computer Science and Health Occupations. Recently, MSD purchased Curt Irish’s farm to expand our CTE programs. Curt has always been a huge supporter of CTE programs – especially under the umbrella of Agriculture. Marcola School District values Curt’s continued presence on the property and his suggestions for developing a farm to school program.  Recently, Curt donated funds to MSD to purchase a new tractor to help with the farm to school project (see picture). Curt is so supportive of increasing CTE experiences for the youth of Marcola, he is now offering to donate a new building for the storage of the tractor and all the tools needed to run a farm. Curt Irish is probably the most valuable neighbor I have had the opportunity to work with in my 30 years of experience as a school administrator. He is an advocate of youth and a person who understands that youth are our most important asset to keep Marcola as a thriving and successful community.  Thank You, Curt Irish – You are AWESOME!