February 2018 Newsletter

Marcola School District has GREAT Teachers!!

As the Superintendent of the Marcola School District I am very proud to work with the Marcola
teachers and staff who work hours and hours to implement a student centered educational
program. After 37 years of experience as a teacher, administrator and Superintendent, I can
honestly say the teachers at Marcola are some of the finest you will find in any school district.
Our teachers spend time during school hours and after school hours to implement individualized
educational plans to foster a learning environment in which each student has a positive,
nurturing relationship with adults and peers. They demonstrate a commitment to and respect
for diversity, while always working to engage individual students who have unique interests and
strengths. Our teachers sacrifice their families and their personal time to support every student
we serve. They work all day, all night and on the weekends to reflect on their practice and
make sure they are putting systems in place to meet the needs of all our students.
There are times when we have parental concerns regarding our methods to help students stay
on the path of continuous improvement. I have now worked with the staff and students of the
Marcola School District for almost 4 years, and I am proud to share the accomplishments of the
students we have supported to stay on the path for earning a highschool diploma. I’m also
proud that we have innovative teachers who dedicate time well beyond an 8 hour day, to create
learning environments and opportunities to individualize instruction for the students of Marcola.
Our focus is and always has been on the continuous improvement of every student we serve.
When we hear complaints regarding instruction, facilities, policies, etc., we always hope the
people who are complaining can recognize the strengths, and work with us in a positive manner
to fix the areas of concern.

Our students would agree they all have very supportive adult role models at school. Every
student should have at least 5 positive role models in their life – this includes people in the
Marcola community. Students who do not have the positive support from adults are at risk of
succeeding at school. Personally, I have never worked with a more caring staff in my 37 years
as an educator.

Please take some time to thank a teacher for helping your child succeed at school and beyond.


Bill Watkin

Marcola School District