Instant Challenge – A Collaboration in Learning

On November 9th, all Marcola middle school students had the opportunity to connect with educators and students from the state of Alaska and learn about the power of wind energy. This event, known as an Instant Challenge, offered students a one hour activity that integrated STEM concepts and focused on principles of collaboration and communication.

Colleen Fisk of Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) lead the discussion and activity. Students will use the turbines they built to investigate how wind can do work lifting paper clips. Wind energy was discussed as well as how we produce electricity harnessing the power of wind.

This event was created and developed by Teresa Hedges, the Statewide Virtual Content and STEM Program Coordinator of AKTEACH. This educational organization based in Kodiak, Alaska believes the advent of virtual learning has the potential to revolutionize existing instructional programs and can significantly improve the learning experiences of students residing in both rural and urban settings.

AKTEACH has been conducting Instant Challenges since November of 2014, increasing participation with each passing Challenge. Previous challenges typically include a hands-on activity where students are given a limited amount of supplies and charged with building or creating a tower structure, a container that will keep an egg safe when dropped, launching mechanisms, and have even collaborated with the Alaska Energy Authority to test insulation and how it affects energy conservation. Each Challenge connects students in each of our AKTEACH partner districts, including Lower Kuskokwim Schools, Lower Yukon Schools, Alaska Gateway Schools, Pribelof Island Schools, Kodiak Schools, and now Marcola School District.

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