January 2022 ESPY Winners

ESPY: Exceptional Student Performance this Year – award is given to students who are doing well academically and have an exceptionally positive attitude about school. They demonstrate respect and responsibility towards staff and their peers.  They show courage by not conforming to Peer pressure and refuse to accept anyone who bullies. 

The MSD School Board and the District want to recognize these students by celebrating their success at the beginning of each Board Meeting each month.  Students receive a certificate, meet each of our Board members, and their names are announced on the district website.

January 2022 ESPY Winners are;

Tinslie Croce – 4th grader nominated by Kelsey Smith

“Tinslie is always willing to participate, has a positive attitude, and is willing to help.  She focuses on herself and respects people, even when they make a mistake. Tinslie is kind and friendly, always. Tinslie always raises her hand and shares her thinking.  She is a leader in the room and a shining example of what a fourth grader should be.

Addison Barrowcliff – 8th grader nominated by Rob Jerome

“Addison is always on time and prepared for class and has a great work ethic. Addison leads by example at our school.  She encourages and supports her peers and continually exceeds classroom expectations. Addison is extremely organized, stays focused and participates in class. Addison has remained exceptional since the start of school.  Even when she had to miss school, she was very proactive in getting her missing work done well and turned in after returning to school.

Kallee Eck – 11th grader nominated by Kelli Fisher

“Kallee Eck exemplifies the meaning of student leader. She is a model student in and outside of the classroom. Her lead by example leadership style is shown through her dedication, focus, problem solving skills, and communication skills. These are only a few characteristics Kallee exhibits as she spends her day leading by doing. She genuinely believes she is only as good as her team and does her best to bring everyone around her up – physically and emotionally. As one of the most happy go lucky kids I’ve ever met, it is hard to have a bad day in her presence.

These students are all shining examples of the MSD spirit and we are thrilled to be able to recognize them for being exceptional students.