Marcola School District Closure Announcement

This is an official notice that Marcola School District will be closing and providing virtual instruction next week and beyond.  I am very proud of our staff and admin team to put systems in place in advance of any possible safety issues that may require our schools to close. Students have been informed about the possibility of a school closure, and all students in grades 6-12 know how to access their teacher via google classroom and google meets for face to face instruction.  Elementary students and parents will also have access to their teacher through the internet via google classroom and other online applications.  Parents of elementary students can pick up electronic devices and other resources for their children on Monday.  Marcola School District will continue to provide our students (K-12 ) with breakfast and lunch meals as a pick up at the elementary school and/or delivery to those families who do not have transportation to pick up the meals.  We are also providing support staff on campus to provide students services who need additional support to be successful in school.  We will be sending out more updates on a daily basis.