Marcola School District Selects New Mascot

Last night, April 19th, 2017 the Marcola School Board tentatively and unanimously approved the Mustang as the new Mascot for Mohawk Middle//Senior High School and Marcola Elementary School. The appointed Mascot Committee worked very hard to provide information and collect input from students, community and staff via flyers, web page, Facebook, meetings and one to one conversations.

The Marcola Mustangs

The results of the surveys and meetings allowed the committee to define our top 10 attributes for a mascot and the top ten “gender neutral” mascots that best fit the attributes. Although, the results of the survey clearly defined the top 3 choices, the Mustang was the most popular with the students and second most popular with the community. When Combining the results from students and community the Mustangs were the top choice.


The School Board will formally approve the Mustang Mascot at their May 8, 2017 regular board meeting at 6:00 p.m. In the meantime we are collecting suggestions and ideas for the images of our new mascot.

Please visit our website and Facebook for updates as we prepare to select Mustang Mascot images.


Thank you to our committee members and all stakeholders in the Marcola community for your efforts and thoughtful ideas during the selection process.