November 2021 ESPY Winners

ESPY: Exceptional Student Performance this Year – award is given to students who are doing well academically and have an exceptionally positive attitude about school. They demonstrate respect and responsibility towards staff and their peers.  They show courage by not conforming to Peer pressure and refuse to accept anyone who bullies.

The MSD School Board and the District want to recognize these students by celebrating their success at the beginning of each Board Meeting each month.  Students receive a certificate, meet each of our Board members, and their names are announced on the district website.

November 2021 ESPY Winners 

Weston Payne – 5th grader nominated by Alan Shafer

Weston shows up every day, eager to learn. Weston strives to do his best and always puts his best effort into his work. He always shows respect to his peers and adults. His words and tone of voice are always in a positive light. Weston is always one of the first 3 students to have his work turned in and ready to move on to the next objective. Weston strives every day to be his best, excited and ready to learn each day.

Ryan Goodman – 7th grader nominated by Rob Jerome

Ryan does a great job of getting right down to work at the start of class by answering the daily bellringer question, puts a great deal of effort into his schoolwork, and is a great contributor during class discussions. Ryan is always respectful and is such a great influence on his peers while always maintaining a helpful and positive attitude.

Quentin Makinson – 11th grader nominated by HS Staff

“Quentin is a scrupulous worker and a true leader. He excels in all his classes, consistently challenging himself with college-level and AP content.   As a new FFA member, Quentin wowed the national level FFA leadership with a video he recently produced to document his Supervised Agricultural Experience project.  It will be shared nationally in the coming months.  Quentin was elected as the Student Body Publicist this year.  He has been actively involved in supporting school events including graduation, safety videos, FFA events,  and more.  Quentin is an amazing asset to Mohawk and Marcola!”

These students are all shining examples of the MSD spirit and we are thrilled to be able to recognize them for being exceptional students.