Zeke Wheeler

If you haven't met or heard of Zeke yet, you surely will at some point in the future. Thank you, Lara, for allowing us to share Zeke's special moment! "This is the video of Zeke's recent lecture/demo to about 30 members of the local amateur radio club. A large portion of the group remained after the demo for another hour in order to verify that his ISS tracker did indeed indicate when the ISS was overhead. (The ISS circles the globe every 90 minutes). This video begins with stills but goes into video mode less than a minute in. There will need to be a follow-up video to explain "the making of this video" due to the Herculean effort Zeke used to splice together audio, slides, and video from three separate sources! He taught himself (thanks, YouTube!) how to edit and publish videos using Blender software. During the Q&A session, you can hear the original audio that Zeke had to manipulate and edit. (Subtitles are provided.) Here's the link to the video: