Press Release Announcing Superintendent Selection for Marcola School District

Press Release Announcing
Superintendent Selection for Marcola School District


Jim Smith
School Board Chair
Marcola School District
38300 Wendling Rd
Marcola, OR 97454-9732

May 26, 2020


After six months of a comprehensive superintendent search and sifting through 21 highly qualified candidates, the Marcola School District Board of Directors has chosen Mr. Terry Augustadt to be its next superintendent. Mr. Augustadt’s contract was approved at the May 26th board meeting. His proposed start date is set for July 1st, 2020.

Mr. Augustadt brings with him a wealth of administrative experiences with over 12 years in a variety of educational roles. Since 2019, he has been the principal of Marcola Elementary K-5 School in the Marcola School District. Prior to that he was the vice principal and athletic director of Sweet Home Junior High, the principal of Hawthorne Elementary K-6 School, and K-6 school counselor in the Sweet Home School District. Mr. Augustadt has a Master of Arts degree in school counseling K-12 from the Northwest Christian University. He completed his administrative licensure program at the University of Oregon.

“I’m pleased Mr. Augustadt has been chosen through an intense Superintendent Search process conducted by Marcola School District Board members to serve as our next Marcola District 79J Superintendent.  This intense Superintendent Search process was OSBA led, involving Staff and Community input. Mr. Augustadt leadership of Marcola Elementary this past year has been exemplary, this coupled with his great Community & Staff support will serve him well as we look forward to his future Leadership as our next District Superintendent and our moving forward on our shared vision. I am personally excited about what that means for the future of the Marcola School District. Mr. Augustadt will be leading the MSD team educating our Students, plus accomplishing a phase one of a down sized Career Tech project (downsized in phase one due to expected reduction of State funding), this Career Tech Facility project will directly benefit our local students, and our greater Community. Plus, MSD was recently identified for a 2.5 Million Seismic High School facility upgrade grant.  Mr. Augustadt brings with him a wealth of experience, a leadership style that builds consensus, inspires student & staff confidence, and he possesses a great passion for our Children and their quality education.”  Jim

We are pleased to have Mr. Augustadt as our new superintendent and look forward to many successful years working together.

For more information, contact Jim Smith at 541-968-6805.

The Marcola School Board