Mohawk Mustangs Pursue Excellence!!

Prior to 2014, Marcola School District, a small rural community 30 miles east of Eugene, had no STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering Math) program and no CTE (Career Technical Education) program of Study. In addition, the school district had very little technology to deliver a STEM or CTE program.

Currently in 2017, the community has built a new elementary school, invested in technology to implement a 1:1 program, worked with industry and local colleges to develop and implement 5 CTE programs of Study (Agriculture, Construction, Health Occupations, Engineering and Computer Science) increased graduation rate from 62% to 91%, implemented proficiency based instruction, and increased its capacity to deliver a synchronous, asynchronous and blended learning environment to its students.

The community understands the challenges of rural isolation and is now sharing their success with other rural communities by expanding virtual opportunities (synchronous, asynchronous and blended) for students to access STEM and CTE programs from anywhere at anytime. With the addition Teach-NW virtual Home School academy we have the capacity to expand and deliver more STEM/CTE courses to other students who currently have little or no access to these opportunities.

Our community has rallied behind the possibility of increasing partnerships with industry for the purpose of increasing opportunities for students in Marcola and outside of Marcola to engage in job shadows, internships and pre-apprenticeships. Some of these opportunities can be offered through virtual technology, eliminating geographical barriers.

We are currently registering students at Marcola Elementary School, Mohawk Middle/High School, and the Teach Northwest homeschool program for the 2017-18 school year Call 541-933-2512 or contact the district online for more information.