Resource center

Back to School

Be sure students come prepared to school each and everyday. We've put together some back-to-school tips and tricks along with information for new and returning students.


For seniors and other grades as well, this part of the website will include information about local colleges in the Marcola, Oregon region.


Helpful information for students and parent/guardians while enrolled at Marcola School District.

FamilyLink Portal

FamilyLink is Marcola School District's web portal for families, adults and students. FamilyLink provides real time data so as soon as a teacher adds a student’s grades or attendance to their electronic gradebook, the change will show up online.


Our library officially opened on October 30, 2014. We are thrilled to have this amazing resource at our school and are grateful to all of the individuals and organizations who have contributed time and resources to making making it a reality! Check out the library catelogue online using the link below.


Our district currently utilizes MealTime for parents and students to be able to pay and manage their school meals online. All transactions made on the MealTime platform are safe and secure.

Online Learning

The Marcola School District have various online learning options apart from attending. In here you will find the options that the Marcola School District official uses.

Parent InfoCenter

The Marcola School District is proactive in providing parents with information that benefits the health and safety of students and demonstrates our commitment to the wellbeing of all faculty, staff, students and visitors.


For seniors and other grades as well, this part of the website will include information about different, various resources regarding scholarships and other programs to help fund one's after post-secondary education.

Snow Routes

In the event of snow, normal bus routes will be modified to avoid dangerous road conditions and keep the students and staff safe.

Staff Safety Training

Marcola School District Staff Safety Training Portal. The staff of Marcola School District take part in annual training programs that promote safety throughout the district.

Student Handbooks

Student Handbook's provide students with information, guidelines and policies of the Marcola School District.

Testing Center

There are many different testing assessments used by the Marcola School District. You can find any official tests being used by the MSD here. Seniors and Juniors, you can also find information about different tests that can be used for college.