School Closure Update

This is an update on school closures in Oregon. We will now be closed until April 28 unless that period is extended or terminated by the Governor. Marcola School District is the only school district in Lane County who has put systems in place to provide a virtual/hybrid instructional program to continue instruction, food service and school in general.  We will continue to operate as we have this week, and we will continue to respond to feedback from our staff, students and parents in regards to all students accessing a free and appropriate public education in a virtual/hybrid classroom.

Currently, our staff, students and community have been awesome in supporting our efforts to provide food service, instruction and other services.  However, we want all of our families to know if you are having difficulties with technology, food services, and special services for students who need extra assistance, please call us at 541-933-2512 and we will put solutions in place for you and your child.

Office of the Governor, Executive Order 20-08