Student Success Act

Please Attend the Monday, October 14th School Board Meeting to learn more about the Student Success Act and how you can help Marcola School District complete a needs assessment for our school district plan.

Dear Community,

I am so proud of Oregon for stepping up to support our state’s most important resource – YOUTH!  This past year, the state funded a Student Success Act (SSA) with a 2 billion dollar investment. This investment is allowing districts the opportunity to invest in new programs and expand and enhance existing programs to better meet the needs of our diverse populations.  The additional 2 billion provides $200 million to the State School Fund, while the rest of the funding will be used as follows: 20% for the Early Learning Account, 50% for the Student Investment Account and 30% for the Statewide Education Initiatives Account.

Education Equity is the theme for the Student Success Act.  In other words the equitable implementation of policy, practices, procedures, and legislation that translates into resource allocation, education rigor, and opportunities for historically and currently marginalized youth, students and families.

Marcola School District will engage stakeholders in a conversation to develop a needs assessment for the district.  With the additional funding we must address the following priorities:

  • Reduce academic disparities for students
  • Meet student’s mental or behavioral health needs
  • Provide equitable access to academic courses
  • Allow teachers and staff to have sufficient time to collaborate with other teachers and staff and
    review data on student’s grades, absences and discipline.
  • Develop strategies to ensure all students (especially at-risk students) stay on track to graduate.
  • Establish Partnerships

There are two stated purposes for SSA funds:

  • Meet students’ mental or behavioral needs, and
  • Increase academic achievement for all students and reduce disparities for: Students of color; students with disabilities; emerging bilingual students; and students navigating poverty, homelessness, and foster care; and other students that have historically experienced disparities in our schools.
  • We (MSD) will focus on improving:
  • On-time Graduation & 5-year Completion rate (as we have for the past 5 years)
  • Increasing the 9th grade on track to 100%
  • Increasing 3rd grade reading proficiency
  • Curbing Chronic Absenteeism
  • Implementing and improving our Social Emotional supports and resources and the professional development connected to the social emotional program
  • Expanding our Career Technical Education to prepare all students to be career and college ready
  • Expanding opportunities for students to enroll in the MSD early college program

We will continue to meet with small and large groups of stakeholders for the purpose of engaging and planning for the future of Marcola School District – with a consistent focus on continuous improvement in everything we do.

If you have questions or want to be involved in developing the Continuous Improvement Plan for Marcola School District, please contact me at or call the school at 541-933-2512.  We need your help and support.


Bill Watkins