Students Win Mohawk Athletics Values Award

Congratulations to Peyton Robinson and Joshua Rowe for winning this year’s HS Basketball Mohawk Values Award!
Each sports season are given an award that embodies the Mohawk Values of a High school student/athlete. Please read the description below for more information about this award.

The Mohawk vision is an athletic program defining TEAM. It is made up of coaches and players dedicated to achieving excellence and increase student participation. We will work together to learn life skills and enhance our given abilities in order to be successful, student-athletes and positive citizens.

Moral – A moral person is holding or manifesting high principles for proper conduct. They are someone who knows the distinction between right and wrong and is respected by their peers.

Outstanding – An outstanding person is someone who stands out as a leader for their team, and is excellent in their academic/athletic progress.

Hard Worker – A hard-working person is one who is always trying to improve them, regardless of whether or not another is watching. They are someone who sets the bar for everyone else to reach by their actions in the classroom, on the team, on the field and at home.

Accountability – Staying positive, encouraging teammates in a positive way, working together and coaching each other towards a common goal.

Work Ethic – Never satisfied, always working toward getting better every day; being better tomorrow than we are today; being prompt, dependable and reliable.

Kindness – Treating people with kindness and respect at all times. A kind person is also positive, fearless of opponents and competes with class for the betterment of their TEAM.