Superintendent Updates on School Closure as of April 5, 2020

Distance Learning For All: 

This has not changed, and MSD is in full Distance Learning Mode and has been since the week before Spring Break. 

“Stay Home, Save Lives” order by Governor Brown is requiring all school districts to come up with a plan for implementing Distance Learning instead of Supplemental Learning.  The Department of Education foresees the strong possibility that our students may not come back through our school house doors this academic year. Marcola School District moved to Distance Learning the week before Spring Break and we have conducted school virtually now for 6 days.  All other districts in Oregon are required to put systems in place by April 13th. Please know, we do expect our students to stay connected with their teacher and continue to learn each and every day with support from our staff. Please contact the school at 541-933-2512 if you have questions, suggestions or needs.  It is our goal to help all our students continue their education.

Recommended maximum daily guidelines for Teacher – Led Learning during Distance Learning For All:

  • Grades K-1 – 45 minutes
  • Grades 2-3 – 60 minutes
  • Grades 4-5 – 90 minutes
  • Grades 6-12 – 20-30 minutes per teacher, no more than 3 hours per day.


We have not received any clarification on Graduation Ceremonies – too early to call right now.  We are holding Seniors responsible to complete all the courses they need to satisfy current graduation requirements of 24 credits.  If we need to be very creative to have a virtual graduation ceremony (and I hope we don’t), we will do so.  


Marcola School District is putting solutions in place for families who have either a poor connection to the internet, or no internet at all.  Please contact the school district at 541-933-2512 if you need assistance with technology.  

Monitoring Technology and Virtual Communication:

Teachers are using google classroom and google meet as a Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver instruction and receive feedback from students.  Please know google meet does have a chat feature and we do monitor all conversations – if it’s inappropriate we can block the student from using the chat feature.  Our monitoring system (Secular) also tracks any comments that may indicate a student is not safe.  

Digital Citizenship: (We will hold students responsible for following our Digital Citizenship Standards.)

As we continue to provide a distance learning education to our students, which in most cases require the use of digital learning tools, we require our students to follow the Digital Citizenship Responsibilities for success : (See Below)

  1. I can recognize the rights, responsibilities and opportunities of living, learning, and working in an interconnected digital world and can act in ways that are safe, legal and ethical.
  2. I demonstrate and advocate for positive, safe, legal and ethical habits when using technology and when interacting with others online
  3. I manage my digital identities and reputations within school policy, including demonstrating and understanding of how digital actions are never erasable.

Food Service: We are continuing to offer pick up and delivery of food to our families every Monday and Wednesday from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.  Huge thanks to our staff who have agreed to assist with food service – you’re amazing. If you know of someone who may need assistance with food service, please contact us at 541-933-2512.

Students, Credits and Graduation: 

  • ODE is currently reviewing possible revisions to graduation requirements for Seniors (No Changes Yet)
  • Mohawk High School is continuing virtual education and all students can access their teacher and course assignments through Google Classroom.  We want our Seniors to graduate with 24 credits on their Transcript and we want all of our high school students to stay on track for earning the 24 credits necessary for graduation.
  • All teachers will be connecting with students at a minimum of two times per week.
  • We will offer students extended time and support in the summer to complete courses.
  • Our web-site has some excellent resources for parents, students and staff.  Teachers will also be sharing additional resources.
  • Graduation date has not changed (until further notice)
  • ESSA Waiver for Cancelling SBAC (Testing) has been approved (No Testing)

Emergency Child Care: 

  • Marcola School District will most likely be partnering with other school districts or agencies to provide Emergency Child Care.
  • We are waiting for more guidance from ODE and OHA.

Essential Services: 

We have all been ordered to stay home unless you provide an essential service.  Food Service, Maintenance and Cleaning, Delivery of services (Transportation), are all essential services. Please stay home.

Essential Services for yourself:

  • Get sufficient sleep
  • Take regular breaks
  • Exercise
  • Eat well
  • Connect with others (virtually)
  • Take some time alone
  • Take the time off that you are given
  • Balance giving and receiving support
  • Go for a hike
  • Tell your partner you love them
  • Hug your child
  • Walk your dog/pet your cat
  • Create art
  • Build something
  • Make a donation
  • Write about your experience in a journal
  • Utilize a self-care ‘buddy’ system
  • Balance work, play, and rest.