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Elementary Students of the Month, Kenan & Kaison Choy

The entire Choy family is deserving of the Family of the Month award!

Kenan Choy is an incredibly bright, hard working and creative 3rd grade student. He recently completed All About Reading Level 4- the final level of this reading program! This year he has become a profound writer and is able to use great expressive language while completing book reports, bibliographies and narratives. He continually works hard to complete lessons in Spanish, piano, LA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. He has amazed me with his Rokenbok and K’Nex creations, which have hundreds of pieces and parts to construct. Kenan is a student with drive, resilience and an astounding attention to detail and is an easy choice for student of the month.

Kaison Choy is a 1st grade student who is inventive, humorous and intelligent. He has worked hard this year to learn about the solar system, how a microscope works, double digit addition and subtraction, writing a lengthy report on alligators, becoming a more confident and fluent reader, and learning about famous historians like Leonardi Davinci. He is especially interested in building with Legos and has made some really incredible creations using his imagination. Kaison is a student truly deserving of the honor of student of the month.

Jessica Choy is a mother who teaches and motivates her children with her whole heart. She spends hours planning activities for her children and pushes them to become well rounded learners. She uses assessment data to drive her instruction and celebrates as her boys excel in their daily studies. When things get tough she doesn’t give up, but reaches out for support and tries new ideas to get over any hurdles she encounters. I have been working with Jessica for 2 years and have been amazed at the learning opportunities she provides for her boys. Not only does she teach her boys each day, she also teaches English classes online to children in China. She is a model parent for our program, never missing check ins, providing detailed weekly lesson plans and providing a weekly slideshow of her boys’ progress, in addition to them taking the MAP assessment. Jessica Choy has been a true pleasure to work with and I cannot praise her teaching dedication enough!

Secondary Student of the Month, Maya Morris Anderson

Maya Morris Anderson is completing her freshman year of high school right now, and is eagerly looking forward to being a full time student at Lane Community College in the fall, part of the TNW Early College (EOP) program . Starting college her sophomore year of high school has been a goal for many years for Maya and she has dedicated herself to her studies to ensure she is ready for the academic challenges that will provide.

Math has always been a struggle for Maya, but it has also been a subject she has worked diligently on. This year, she completed both pre-Algebra and Algebra through ALEKS Math, getting an A in both classes. She actually spent about 2 extra weeks at the end of pre-Algebra to ensure she got her grade up to an A in that class before starting Algebra. Once in Algebra, something really started to click, and make a lot more sense for her.

This year, Maya also took TNW History of the Holocaust course, receiving an A in this acadmeically challenging class. In fact, she earned a 4.0 GPA overall for all her classes.

The COVID crisis has provided unique challenges for Maya. This year brought her her first job as a teaching assistant for the school at her synagogue, and it also brought her her first layoff. Additionally, Maya decided to embark on her studies to have a bat mitzvah this summer. A bat mitzvah is traditionally done at age 13, but Maya opted to wait a little longer to have hers, setting a new precedent in her local synagogue. COVID has forced her to move her bat mitzvah to a virtual format, but she has not let that interfere at all with her dedication to her studies, including learning to read and speak Hebrew.

In addition to all of the above accomplishments, Maya is a kind hearted, talented person. She spends much of her free time working on her art, has a knack for languages, studying Japanese as well as Hebrew, and finds tremendous joy in dancing with her studio. For all these reasons and more, she is TNW student of the month.


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