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21st century skills are not developed in a box.
TEACH-NW is a hybrid learning center where parents, teachers and students shape their own path to success in the real world.


Our learning platform provides diverse educational opportunities for every student.


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Computer access and monthly internet are included for every full-time enrolled student.

What our Parents are saying about TEACH-NW

High School Student of the Month for April, Raquelle Charlick

Raquelle enrolled with TNW in December and it didn’t take long for me to recognize that she was a stellar student! Raquelle takes school very seriously and has a genuine love of learning. She puts her all into everything she does and cares greatly about understanding the content and meeting all of the requirements. In doing so, she has consistently gone above and beyond in her school work. She is responsible, which is demonstrated through consistent communication, clarification, and management of a heavy course load. Raquelle has a caring and kind heart, which is demonstrated through her group work, her activist spirit revealed through her projects, and her love of horses. Lastly, she has a natural creative talent in art and creates beautiful, advanced pencil drawings and digital art. It has been a joy working with Raquelle this year. She is an exemplary student!

Middle School Student of the Month for April, Charlie Houshoulder

This remarkable person impacted Shawna and me the first time we met her during this year’s Winter Celebration hosted at the Hillsboro Learning Center. Charlie was welcoming, kind, and enthusiastic. Her eagerness to take on a supportive role in producing the event struck us both. Most recently, during the UAS Intensive [led by Mr. Deeds], Charlie volunteered to be the greeter and assist with logging participants in and out of the activity. Her cheerful, authentically kind nature was clearly evident in each greeting and farewell.

However, what struck us the most is how Charlie courageously and positively embraces what life has thrown her way. At the age of three, Charlie was diagnosed with a brain tumor and has since undergone multiple brain surgeries and annual MRI testing. Her most recent MRI was scheduled during the UAS Intensive. In the days leading up to the MRI, she openly discussed her feelings (nervous) regarding the upcoming MRI and her general experience of living with a brain tumor with Shawna. During the day of the MRI, we followed along as Kori [Mom] shared the day, and finally, late in the afternoon, the results were excellent! We are very much impacted by Charlie – she reminded us both that strength begins from within and that regardless of what life throws at us, we can grow to manage it with love and support. Thank you for that, Charlie!

From Mom (Kori): If you have met Charlie, then you know that when she is around, you will never be lonely. She is the most loving and friendly person who shines brightly through her bravery, intelligence, and big heart. Charlie is a talented digital artist who loves musical theater and social events. Charlie is one of the bravest people I have ever met who uses her voice to stand up for what she believes in and always speaks up to help those around her. I am grateful to watch as Charlie grows and continues to shine brightly in the world around her.


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