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What our Parents are saying about TEACH-NW

Elementary Student of the Month for October, Julia Van Cura

Our elementary student of the month for October is 4th grader Julia Van Cura! Julia’s enthusiasm and passion for learning deserves to be recognized and celebrated. Her mom, Erin, shared: “She often asks to do more learning in the evenings and on weekends, and she gets a thrill out of all things related to learning!  Her enthusiasm is inspiring and contagious – she has had a huge influence on our family as a whole and our passion toward exploration and education.”

As her EF and Tribal History teacher, I have noticed the qualities of a joyful, lifelong learner. Julia is a critical thinker, curious about the world around her. She is also a creative storyteller, an avid reader, and an incredibly hard worker. I recently had the opportunity to read a short story she wrote, The Magic Portal, which is a wonderful example of her talent and creativity.

I asked Julia to tell us a bit more about herself, in her own words:

1. What is an accomplishment that you are most proud of this year?  I am very proud of my story, The Magical Portal. It is the first story that I typed on my computer. Most of my other stories have been handwritten.

2. What is your favorite subject and why? My favorite subjects are Writing, Reading, and Spanish. I like words and language.

3. What do you love most about homeschooling and being a part of TNW?  I like homeschooling because I can spend most of the time learning about and practicing the things that I am interested in. At home I can be myself and do what’s important to me. I also like that with TNW, I can be in a book club and take a Tribal History class. I like that there are three writing assignments for each year at TNW.

4. What are some of your hobbies?  Reading, writing stories, typing, cooking, designing houses, birding, and camping are some of my hobbies.

5. Do you have a book you would recommend to other kids your age?  I would recommend Emily’s Runaway Imagination by Beverly Cleary. The main character, Emily, has lots of adventures in this book that I think kids my age might like.

6. What is your long term goal or dream?  Someday, I will become an author, illustrator, book binder, and a publisher for my books.  I’m really curious about how all that works and I want to learn more.

Secondary Student of the Month for October, Shoshannah Crompton

Shoshannah is currently a senior with TNW and on track to graduate early.  She entered the Early College Program her sophomore year and has earned 70 credits toward her Associate of Art Oregon Transfer degree. In addition to tackling college level courses, Shoshannah is also an athlete and active in her community.  She is a certified member of the Search and Rescue Team. She has participated in Cross Country and Track every year at her local high school.

Some of her interests include reading and writing and she has aspirations of someday being a novelist.

Her plans after graduation include returning to her hometown in California and volunteering with her church organization while she determines her next steps in continuing education.

It has been a delight to support Shoshannah in her educational journey!



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