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21st century skills are not developed in a box.
TEACH-NW is a hybrid learning center where parents, teachers and students shape their own path to success in the real world.


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Elementary Student of the Month for May, Elin Casper

Our student of the month for June is Wynn Keppinger! Wynn is a 5th grader this year and has been with TNW since 2018. He has worked very hard this year in all subject areas, especially in writing. He also helps run the family farm and has a variety of exciting hobbies. Check out Wynn’s digital portfolio HERE!

Learn more about Wynn in his own words:
1. What is an accomplishment that you are most proud of this year? Completing an online ATV safety awareness course so I can ride my dirtbike.  I scored 86 percent on the online safety test and then I went to a course and rode my dirtbike and passed their test. I’m also really proud of my writing.
2. What is your favorite subject and why? Math because it’s fun!!!!!!!! I like math games.
3. What do you love most about homeschooling and being a part of TNW? Getting more free time to learn other things that I like, like how to drive a tractor, run a wood splitter, run a sawmill, and work on engines. Things like that.
4. What are some of your hobbies? Guitar, drums, trucks, tractors, doing wood with my friend Forest, and dirt bikes.
5. Do you have a book you would recommend to other kids your age? Any of The Hardy Boys books and Sign of the Beaver. Sign of the Beaver is really good.

Secondary Student of the Month for June, Livia Ensz

Livia is an 11th grader, basically finishing up her high school degree (She will be starting college with us next year). She is taking a massive 8.75 credits this year, and recently just moved through nearly 40% of her Survey of World History course on Edge to be on track to earn mostly As and couple Bs in all of her courses.

Some of the accomplishment Livia has had this year include obtaining her driver’s license, and holding down a 10 hr./week babysitting job. With all of this on her plate it is hard to believe she finds the time to be so active in her community.

Livia is constantly volunteering her time. She has worked to earn money for a new homeless shelter in Salem. She travelled down to the Coos Bay serve meals to those in need. These are just a couple examples of the way in which she is constantly volunteering her time.

Livia is also a leader in her community. She often plays guitar and leads warship at her church (No small feat, over 100 people were present for the Easter worship she led). She is also a leader in her youth group organizing events and opportunities for younger members of the group.

Finally, Livia has a huge heart. She is constantly finding activities to be with her family. She travels to have movie marathons with her grandma and go golfing with her grandpa. She makes a point to include all of her friends and family in everything she does. For example, her immediate family decided to go caroling around the neighborhood during the peak of the pandemic (X-mas time), because it was the only way they could safely connect and bring joy to others.

I feel Livia personifies the TNW ideals. She is using the flexibility that homeschool provides to not only obtain a quality education, but more importantly pursue her interests, and make her community a better place..


7th Grade TEACH-NW student Gabriel Warren was chosen to be on Eugene Ballet Academy mural in the new, midtown academy building.” Well done Gabriel! We’re quite proud of you!!



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