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21st century skills are not developed in a box.
TEACH-NW is a hybrid learning center where parents, teachers and students shape their own path to success in the real world.


Our learning platform provides diverse educational opportunities for every student.


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Computer access and monthly internet are included for every full-time enrolled student.

Elementary Student of the Month, Tobias Tinlin

Tobias is a fantastic fifth-grader who turned 11 years old this month. Not only does he have a bold sense of fashion and is always impeccably dressed, his unique style also includes his polite manners and positive attitude. Tobias has matured immensely this year, taking on more and more responsibility in both school and family life. He has become more independent in taking the lead with his schoolwork, contacting his teachers when he needs assistance, and cooking meals for his friends and parents. This year he managed to complete half of his math program in just one quarter, blasting ahead with confidence and mastery. His mom has always noticed his profound empathy and kindness towards others: comforting those who are hurt or sad, patiently playing with younger children (even the “sassy” ones, as he notes), and helping an elderly neighbor with yard work. He does all of these things without expecting a reward or praise.  It is time to recognize these wonderful qualities as Tobias grows into an exceptional young man!

Secondary Student of the Month, Maya Morris Anderson

Maya is a TNW sophomore, and is also in her first year in the TNW early college program. Since Maya began homeschooling in 3rd grade, she has been drawn to the prospect of attending LCC in high school, a dream that soon became a goal she worked hard to achieve. Maya is a very dedicated and conscientious student, and has been able to maintain her 4.0 GPA as an early college student. Maya is a very accomplished artist and writer, and is loving the challenge that the Early College program provides for her. Maya also works part time as an art teacher and teaching assistant for Temple Beth Israel’s Hebrew School. She is very close with her family, loves to travel, and has an incredibly adventurous spirit.



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