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21st century skills are not developed in a box.
TEACH-NW is a hybrid learning center where parents, teachers and students shape their own path to success in the real world.


Our learning platform provides diverse educational opportunities for every student.


We are much more than a virtual academy. Learn what sets us apart from all the rest.


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Computer access and monthly internet are included for every full-time enrolled student.

Elementary Students of the Month – Lucy Lester & Taelin Crowe

Lucy Lester: It is with great pleasure and pride that we recognize Lucy Lester as TEACH-NW’s elementary first Student of the Month for March 2019. Lucy is both a remarkable student and wonderfully positive and caring person. Lucy truly reflects what it means to be an intrinsic learner! She’s self-motivated, inquisitive, and eager to share and apply her understanding. Lucy is an exceptional student demonstrating proficiency not only in her traditional content areas (especially strong in math) but in programs such as coding, FIRST Lego robotics, art, culinary arts, and stop motion video. In addition to her academic program, Lucy is enrolled in dance class, boxing, yoga, swimming, gymnastics, and a climbing and elevation program. Future plans include Lucy hosting Dash robot coding sessions at our Lane Community College location. We’re VERY proud of Lucy and look forward to supporting her growth in the years to come.

Taelin Crowe: We are also very proud to recognize Taelin Crowe as our second elementary TEACH-NW Student of the Month for March 2019. Taelin is a 4th grader who shows immense passion and enthusiasm towards learning. She has done an impressive job of meeting her goals this year and has overcome several challenges, always with a huge smile. She is a talented dancer and recently performed her first lyrical solo at a competition and earned 4.75 out of 5 stars! Her ability to express herself artistically and creatively is not limited to dance, as you can see from her beautiful poem about snow and entertaining science video on rocks. Taelin is one amazing kid!

Secondary Student of the Month – Dylan Newman

We are honored to nominate Dylan Newman as our secondary TEACH-NW Student of the Month for March, 2019. Dylan is an enthusiastic, insightful, and truly caring young man. Dylan is a strong student with a solid work ethic. He maintains cordial and informative contact with his educational facilitator, providing fascinating updates on his learning progress. Dylan has the drive to succeed individually and is a strongly principled person. Dylan’s passion as a genuinely intrinsic learner is evident as he explores various fields of study, including physical education, computer technology, plumbing, Forensic Science, and much more. His talents, kind personality, and dedication to learning will ensure Dylan a successful life and career.

Spotlight on Flora Donohoe

Flora has been learning about the different breeds of sheep that provide wool.  She has also learned how to dye wool and spin it herself.  Next, she will tackle the art of knitting.  Keep up the good work, Flora!

Photo Spotlight
What students and parents are saying about TEACH-NW

Thank you for building a school where all kids feel important and valuable.

Sara Staton, Parent

I must admit that your prompt and knowledgeable responses changed the way I thought about charter schools.  Having left our previous charter, I expected the same type of communication that I had received from them.....very delayed, no information or very little information in response to my questions, and the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing.  You, and the entire TNW staff, have fully renewed my faith.  The communications I've been involved with from TNW staff has always been prompt (almost instantaneous) and if an answer wasn’t known, they at least communicated that to me then got back to me when they did have an answer.  I truly feel like TNW values the parents and the students and words can't express how much I appreciate that.

Thank you, again, for allowing us to be a part of the TNW.  🙂

Karla Newman, Parent

“This school year so far has been amazing thanks to TEACH-NW! I wasn’t happy in regular school, mostly because of how little time we could spend learning about things we were passionate about. There were constant disruptions from other students that kept everyone from learning. It was very chaotic. Now when I can set my own educational goals …..  I feel better about learning new things and am much less stressed.

I have also been able to dance a lot more than last year and have accomplished a lot in dance just since fall term started. I am very passionate about dance! I’ve danced since I was 3.5 years old. The most exciting thing about my dance is that I have started doing pointe work in ballet! I’ve been so excited about this for a long time and thanks to TEACH-NW!

Another exciting thing is that in September I auditioned for my studio’s competition team and was accepted! I was chosen by the choreographers to compete in four pieces. We will compete four times this year and I already know I will love the experience. Because of TEACH-NW,  I am able to dance every day and have so much more fun learning!”  

- Hannah Pavulans-Sherwood, 7th Grade

Our year is off to a fabulous start thanks to amazing supportive staff and awesome resources!”

Sara Staton, Parent

‘’This is my first year with Teach NW, and now that we have been doing schooling for about a month, I just wanted to take a moment and give thanks to the TEACH-NW staff for the opportunity to be here. First of all, this school has allowed me to provide resources for my children that I wouldn't be able to provide on my own (or if I had stayed with the same charter we were in last year). This year has been amazing - extracurricular activities (karate, swimming, piano lessons), Spanish lessons that my kids actually like (Foreign Language for kids by kids and Spanish Mama - BOTH!), field trips, and the curriculum...and a kiwicrate...and a tinkercrate. People, I am seriously floored with the level of education I am able to provide my children this year. It has been a dream....and I am only a month in .. every single staff member I have come into contact with has been outstanding. They have gone out of their way, most times immediately responsive to my questions and requests for help (not that they can't lag sometimes, but it has just been amazing). So, THANK YOU Teach NW for not just communicating well, but going beyond my expectations.”

Jessica Choy, Parent

"Thank you for all of your help and encouragement. I can see the finish line and I really can't express how much this program has helped me when I was struggling and any time I have fallen along the way. Marcola School District’s WIOA program has always helped me back up and encouraged me to take care of myself. I don't think I would have done it without you guys and without TEACH-NW. I never had to worry about being looked at differently through you guys. Thank you, for everything."

Tarina, Student

"This is our second year with TNW...we love this program and the staff so much!"

Shawna Blankenship, Parent


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