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21st century skills are not developed in a box.
TEACH-NW is a hybrid learning center where parents, teachers and students shape their own path to success in the real world.


Our learning platform provides diverse educational opportunities for every student.


We are much more than a virtual academy. Learn what sets us apart from all the rest.


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Computer access and monthly internet are included for every full-time enrolled student.

What our Parents are saying about TEACH-NW

High School Student of the Month for May, Nathaniel Ashford

I have had the pleasure of working with Nathaniel for the past two years, both as his teacher, EF, and OBOB coach, and have continuously been amazed by who he is both as a person and also as a student. I first met Nathaniel when he took my Holocaust and Human Behavior course last year. During that course, Nathaniel consistently brought tremendous depth and insight to our class while offering endless support and encouragement to his classmates. This year, though carrying a very full plate, including completing an exchange program in Australia, Nathaniel committed to join our high school OBOB team. What a great time we had reading, discussing, and laughing through it all. Once in Australia, Nathaniel’s commitment to the team continued as he joined our weekly meetings in the middle of the night local time for him, and also spent a day with us at the virtual OBOB regional competition despite the dramatic time difference. Work sample reviews have always been so fun with Nathaniel, and I have loved hearing his music, seeing his adventures in robotics, and am always amazed by his academic pursuits. Nathaniel will be graduating this year, and as sad as I am to see him go, I am so excited to hear about all his grand adventures to come! Thank you for letting me be part of your journey, Nathaniel! -Cindy

Nathaniel is one of those students I will never forget. He is a student that reminds me of why I decided to become a teacher in the first place. Nathaniel learns for the sake of learning, intrinsically motivated and hungry for knowledge. A thoughtful, critical thinker, and a natural teacher, as seen through his rich contributions to our class discussions. What a gift it was to have him in our “Tribal History, Shared History” class this year! His dedication to his studies and passions is inspiring. I am so incredibly proud of him and grateful to have had him participate in our class this year! – Ms. White

Middle School Student of the Month for May, Chloe FeldKamp

Mr. J: Since meeting Chloe at the drone intensive at the Hillsboro Learning Center, then again at the Outdoor School event, I’ve shared with others how truly impressed I was by Chloe’s kindness and by her willingness to take risks. I was particularly struck by how quickly she engaged in activities and her willingness to pursue a new task or challenge to completion. The world has much to learn from children such as Chloe!

Shannon: This is Chloe’s first year with TEACH-NW. During her time with us, she has worked diligently on her school work. In addition to the main subjects, she takes Japanese and participates in Eden Acres forest school. She took part in the 4 day drone coding workshop as well as our outdoor school at Hagg Lake. Chloe loves art and has grown into a very talented artist this year. She enjoys digital art but is also very talented with drawing and other crafts such as resin. She has joined a newly formed Art Club where she is eager to improve her drawing and illustration skills. Chloe has gone on many learning adventures with her family and most recently spent two weeks exploring Washington DC. Chloe loves animals, especially her sweet dog Bea who is often found close by while Chloe does school work.

Kori: I was lucky enough to be one of the EFs at a few different classes/events this year where I got to work with Chloe. At each event Chloe showed outstanding kindness towards her fellow classmates. Chloe continuously shows bravery with her willingness to try new things!  I would also like to give a quick shout out to Chloe for her participation in the TNW virtual gaming club and her help keeping me from getting lost in our class Minecraft world!

From Mom: Chloe is so happy to be part of Teach NW and be nominated as Middle School student of the month! In her free time she likes to swim, draw and spend time with her puppy and play Genshin Impact.

From Chloe: What do you like about Teach NW? That we can buy art supplies!

What is your favorite book that you’ve read recently? Teaching Master Takagi-san (manga series)

What is your favorite subject? Art


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