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We are proud to say that beginning September 2020, all of Oregon’s public schools will take a stand to ensure that All Students Belong by prohibiting the use and display of hate symbols that incite fear and discrimination among students and staff at all school-related events.  These include the confederate flag, the swastika and the noose. These symbols have no place in public schools.

For years, the use of these symbols has created atmospheres of fear, intimidation, even violence toward numerous students and staff in Oregon’s public schools. By explicitly prohibiting such symbols on school property, and in distance learning environments, we honor the belonging of all students, families and staff by ensuring a high quality educational experience and environment free from discrimination, harassment, intimidation and fear.

As proud administrators for an Oregon Public School, it will be our responsibility to be part of the effort to make our virtual charter school a welcoming, nurturing and safe space for all. We will join with our colleagues and community members to provide a culturally responsive, safe, and supportive school climate for all students. We also plan to ensure educators have access to, and attend professional development opportunities, so that we can better learn how to create and maintain a safe, inclusive school culture.

Through our unity and your vocal support, we can ensure that schools are a place where we learn to respect differences between people, where all students’ health and safety are assured, and where all students can be free to receive their education knowing that they belong in their schools and communities.

If you have feedback for the Oregon Department of Education please direct your questions and comments to

Every Student Belongs MSD Board Policy

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