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TEACH-NW has established Early College Programs with the following community colleges:

TEACH-NW will pay up to 12 credits per term, including mandatory fees that relate to the student’s Individual Learning Plan (ILP). Additional course fees will require approval from the Director of TEACH-NW.  The student is responsible for any tuition and course fees for credits above 12 credits per term. TEACH-NW will also provide $200 toward the purchase of textbooks per term.

Students participating in Early College Programs will not receive an allotment in addition to 12 credit tuition per term, mandatory fees, and $200 for books as this total significantly exceeds the standard allotment. If a student enrolls in fewer than 12 credits and their tuition, mandatory fees, and book expenses are less than their standard allotment, the remaining amount of their standard allotment would be made available to them.

TEACH-NW students who wish to participate in our Early College Program are encouraged to contact our Academic and Career Advisor, Lisa Sequeira via email at or by cell @ 541-952-1156. 

TEACH-NW College Board School Code: 380040. Please use this number when registering for the SAT Program. SAT/AP/College Planning/Accuplacer

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