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Child Centered, Family Friendly

The purpose of the TEACH-NW is to provide a cutting-edge, K-12 schooling option that allows parents to select from a wide range of traditional and/or online school options. 

Local TEACH-NW students have the option of accessing the district’s programs and facilities. Academic, elective courses, and after-school activities are available to students. Team sports, musical instruction, and after-school clubs are just a few of the many opportunities available.

In addition to academic programing, Statewide TEACH-NW students have the opportunity to participate in virtual field trips and virtual instant challenges that are conducted monthly. These opportunities have proven to be very popular with students across the state. Statewide, students may also have the opportunity to participate in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) virtual activities such as FIRST Robotics, 3D Modeling Programs.

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