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10Sep 19

Student Success Act

This past year, Governor Brown signed "The Student Success Act" which marked a turning point for funding education in Oregon. Equity was the driving vision behind this legislation.  The act is expected to generate an approximately 2 billion investment in education which goes into the Fund for Student Success.  From that money, $200 million goes directly into the State School Fund for additional support to districts.  The rest must be distributed to support a variety of needs in three specific areas - At least: 20% to an Early Learning Account, 50% in a Student Investment Account and up to 30%…

04Sep 19

Welcome Back TNW Families!

Though often asked, the question remains relevant -- "Where did the summer go????" I do hope that you all found time to enjoy family and a few outdoor adventures. For my part, our summer was packed with family visiting from Alaska, Washington, and Arkansas.\ What a pleasure it was to explore this beautiful state with my family. We simply love Oregon, not only for its natural wonders, but for the truly amazing people that we've had the pleasure of meeting thus far. When we began this program in 2017, we couldn't have predicted the overwhelming positive response we've experienced. Our…

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