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TEACH-NW is a public virtual charter school authorized by Marcola School District. State ID: 5444

Per OAR 581-020-0342 (2 ), a parent must provide notice to the school district in which the parent resides that the parent intends to enroll a student in a virtual public charter school. If more than 3% of the students who reside in the school district are enrolled in a virtual public home school not sponsored by the district, the district must provide notice that the district:

A. Approves the student for enrollment, or

B. Does not approve the student for enrollment in the virtual home school and provide a copy of this rule and OAR 581-020-0343 to the student and a list of two or more other online options available to the student.

Per OAR 581-020-0342 (3 ), if a parent does not receive notice of approval or disapproval from the school district under this rule within 14 days of sending the notice of intent to enroll to the district, the student shall be deemed approved for enrollment by the district. Per OAR 581-020-0242 (4), a parent may appeal a decision of a school district to not approve a student for enrollment to the State Board of Education pursuant to OAR 581-020-0343.


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