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Student Allotments for 2018-2019 School Year

Full-time enrollment allotments are as follows:

K-12 up to $2000 per Student

Access to an allotment account for students will be reviewed by the TEACH-NW Teacher and Director.

Unspent funding from your student’s allotment, in a given year, will not be carried over to the following year.  Non-consumables (items that are valued at $200 or more) remain the property of TEACH-NW.

Allotments can be used to cover academic materials such as textbooks, school supplies, curriculum materials, approved instructional programs (i.e. Village Home, Whole Earth), enrichment experiences, educational subscriptions, educational fees, tutoring services, athletics and athletic equipment, field trips, and internet expenses as approved by your Educational Facilitator.  

The PEX card daily limit is capped at $100 per day/student. If you wish to make a purchase in excess of that amount (using a PEX card),  please contact your Educational Facilitator for pre-approval. Once approved, your daily limit will be temporarily increased for the amount of the pre-approved purchase.

Funding for other materials or services requires the approval of the program director or program director’s designee, and the valid instructional purpose served by the expenditure must be noted in the student’s ILP.

If your child is enrolled in TEACH-NW and would like to attend a Marcola School District course (Elementary or Secondary) please contact your homeschool coordinator to discuss arrangements.

If you find curriculum or activities that you would like to include in the ILP and are uncertain if the curricula or activity would be covered by your allotment, please contact a TEACH-NW staff member for approval.

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