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Chromebook/iPad Procedures

Families with a full-time student enrolled with TEACH-NW Homeschool have the option of leasing a Chromebook or iPad. iPads are currently only issued to children in grades to K-3.

Chromebooks or iPads are available for full-time students enrolled in TEACH-NW Virtual Charter School. An amount of $150 will be deducted from the student’s allotment each year for Chromebooks and $200 per year for iPads (K-3 only). There are no out-of-pocket expenses to the family until the end of year two. See below (End of Year Two).**

At the end of the school year, the following options are available for purchase:

End of Year One: You may purchase the Chromebook for $150 or the iPad for $200 or return the device.

End of Year Two: You may purchase the device for $1 or return the device.

A signed Equipment Agreement is required before any equipment is distributed.

** All devices are owned by Marcola School district and TEACH-NW and are subject to our policies, rules, and regulations. By signing, the student and parent vow to take all reasonable precautions with the computer and to make every effort to return it in the same condition as checked out. Chromebook and iPads are for the use of the undersigned only. If an accident or theft does occur, the undersigned agrees to pay for damages, which may include replacement of the Chromebook or iPad.

Chromebook/iPad Care

TEACH-NW is not liable for intentional or accidental damage or misuse of loaned or leased technology.  Conditions indicating improper use are outlined in the documentation available online from the computer manufacturer.  TEACH-NW accepts no responsibility for the actions of students, parents, or persons allowed access to a TEACH-NW Chromebook or iPad.

Chromebooks or iPads must be returned to TEACH-NW within 10 days of the withdrawal date or purchased with the buyout option.

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