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TEACH-NW allotments can be used to pay for tutoring/instruction that is part of the student’s ILP.  The parent can hire instructors but the instructors must be an approved vendor in order to be reimbursed or pay with PEX card.  Please contact TEACH-NW staff or view our vendor web page prior to hiring a tutor to see if they are an approved vendor. If the tutor is not currently approved, they must complete the vendor approval process:

1. Complete the Vendor Approval Form: Vendor Approval Form

2. Submit a W-9 to our Business Manager at

3. Complete a background check. Please contact your Educational Facilitator for additional guidance regarding fingerprinting.

TEACH-NW reserves the right to limit the amount that we will pay per hour for tutoring.  We do not reimburse any instruction that is provided by family members.  Most parents pay their tutor directly and then submit receipts for reimbursement.  In some cases, the tutor will submit their statements to TEACH-NW for reimbursement.  In either case, services must be rendered before reimbursements are authorized.  Statements/receipts must be original and contain the name of the vendor, dates of service, rate, form of payment, and parent/vendor signatures.  

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