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Vendor Partners

TEACH-NW students are eligible to purchase educational materials, services and curriculum from our approved vendor lists.

Pre-Approved Curriculum Packages

Calvert is an all encompassing, paper-based curriculum.  Everything comes in one box and includes online resources. Calvert provides step-by-step lesson plans.

For grades K-12

Edgenuity  is a research-based video course curriculum, which offers more than 185 semester-equivalent core and elective online courses for students, grades 6-12. The program can be used at home or in school. It is used as core curriculum, for intervention, to recover credits, to prepare for standardized assessments and prep for some Advanced Placement programs. Course offerings include math, English, science, foreign languages, and career-oriented courses (business, IT, health sciences).

Geography Matters is a diverse home-based company. Their curriculum is for students who would like to learn how to think by working with real books, reading and writing for a reason, and creating alternative assessments, such as portfolios, cookbooks, & personal notebooks. This is a parent-graded curriculum that focuses on the holistic approach. A separate math curriculum will need to be chosen.

Project-based curriculum is available for K-5 students , text-based available for grades 4-12, and online options available for grades 5-12. Classes are designed for the college prep student with a flexible and self-paced schedule. The students receive individually graded assignments and attention to their unique learning styles.

Moving Beyond the Page is a comprehensive, literature-rich home school curriculum for gifted and creative learners using a unit-study approach. It is organized by age level rather than grade level and does NOT include math.  It includes language arts, science and social studies.

NDCDE’s courses are available to any students in grades 6-12. NDCDE is familiar and works well with a variety of educational arrangements including public, private, home, and charter schools. NDCDE provides online classes as well as print based courses.

Oak Meadow offers a progressive, experiential curriculum that families can use independently or by enrolling in our fully-accredited, teacher-supported distance-learning school.  You create your own rhythms for learning, and integrate your child’s education into your family’s lifestyle.

BookShark offers students from Pre-K to Age 16 the chance to learn all the required educational subjects through the engaging lens of books.  Whether you’re a seven-year-old student learning science by reading about animals and astronomy or a twelve-year-old BookSharker learning history by reading biographies of Nelson Mandela and other pivotal historical figures, BookShark Home Education will open up a world of learning through literature.

Timberdoodle began in 1985 and their homeschool philosophy is to use your school time to focus on teaching your children how to learn. Teach them reading, math, and thinking skills, and they will be well on their way to being a huge blessing to their community.  Some materials are faith-based, so parents may need to itemize.

Williamsburg Academy is an independent, college preparatory, co-educational day school for grades 3K-12. Williamsburg Academy is accredited at the Advanced level by the South Carolina Independent School Association and is also a member of the Palmetto Association of Independent Schools. By selecting Williamsburg Academy, parents are providing their children with an academic tradition that is filled with achievement and success.

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