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Looking for more activities for your child or teen during the Coronavirus shutdown?

We at CodaKid wanted to do our part to make the next few weeks or months better. Last week we sent out a code that unlocked some great online coding courses and this week we are sending a code that will unlock 4 more!

Please read below for some more FREE Coding and STEM activities for your child or teen (including free access to 7 great courses on our award-winning platform.)

1. Take 7 Free Game Programming Courses with CodaKid

Younger learners will love our Scratch 3.0 courses, which teach absolute beginners how to make their own 2D video games which can be played with friends and family. Make an awesome Catch the Cat, Infinite Jumper, Scratch Archery, Great Space Maze, and Impossible Game. Plus we unlocked some text-based coding courses called Candy Thieves from Outer Space I and II. To access them please use the following instructions:

a) Go to
b) Click Add to Cart
c)Look for “Have a coupon code?” field
d) Enter code more-home-fun
e) Click Apply
f) Enjoy 5 FREE CodaKid Scratch 3.0 courses plus Candy Thieves from Outer Space JavaScript text coding challenges!

This is a back way into our platform and looks a little funny, but it will work 🙂 (You should not have to enter any credit card info to gain access here. If you are prompted to enter a credit card, please retry the instructions again, as the cart should be taken to $0).

Activity Time: 8-10 hours
Recommended Ages: 7+
Device Needed: Chromebook, PC, Mac

Plus if you haven’t tried them yet, here are some fun guides that will provide awesome game programming, game design, and STEM activities during your time at home. 

2. Make an Obstacle (Obby) Game using Roblox Studio

We have put together a free guide that will get your son or daughter started with this super-fun and free activity. When they are done, they will have completed a professional quality Obby video game that they can play with friends and family online. Imagine learning how to make your own video game using the game engine used by tens of thousands of professional around the world! Super-fun and highly educational!

To take the tutorial visit:

Activity Time: 3-4 hours
Recommended Ages: 9+
Device Needed: Mac or PC 

3. Make a Custom Sword Mod for Minecraft

We created a fun written guide that will teach you how to create your own custom sword for Minecraft – and you don’t even need a retail version of Minecraft to do it! This project will be an excellent project for young techies ages 10+, or a terrific Father/Mother- Son/Daughter dual project for all ages. When you are done, you will have designed your own custom sword with special powers that you can play in the game. And even cooler is that you will learn the Java programming language on a professional text editor to bring your creation to life!

To take the free tutorial visit here:

Activity Time: 4-5 hours
Recommended Ages: 10+
Device Needed: Mac or PC 

4. Make your Own Free Minecraft Server

Our dev team created a super fun guide that will teach you how to build your own Minecraft server from scratch for FREE. Your child or teen will build valuable STEM skills and gain confidence setting up a server that can be used to play Minecraft with friends and family! 

To take the tutorial visit here:

Activity Time: 4-5 hours
Recommended Ages: 10+
Device Needed: Mac or PC 
Subscription needed: You will need retail versions of Minecraft to play multiplayer with your friends.

We hope that you enjoy these projects as much as we have enjoyed creating them! 

If your child or teen loves technology, and you’d like to turbocharge their tech education, you can try CodaKid All Access for FREE for 14 days. We even include unlimited support from a team of friendly teachers as part of our subscriptions! It includes Python Game Development, App Development, Roblox Game Development, Minecraft Modding, Unreal Engine 4 Development, Unity 3D Game Development, and more!


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