The Passing of Mr. Curtis Irish

It is with sadness in our hearts we share some thoughts on our friend, life long supporter of the Marcola School District, and dedicated community member to the Mohawk Valley, Mr Curtis Irish. 

Mr. Curtis Irish passed away Saturday, November 20th. 

Mr. Irish was more than just a community member in this valley, he was a part of the bedrock that defined who we are as people and what we believe in as a community. Honest and forthright were his two main communication strategies. Regardless of what you wanted to hear or the direction you thought the conversation would go, Curtis would let you know his thoughts while articulating with ease exactly the point we were all trying to make.

“It’s about the kids” is the mantra at the Marcola School District. This is our mission and purpose for everything we do, and without a doubt Mr. Irish also shared this vision. He demonstrated his belief through his actions and commitment to ensuring that our kids for generations to come learned about our land (working our local farm), studying the ecology (river, streams and forest) and living the history of Mohawk Valley (by photographing every aspect of daily life). Through his generosity and commitment to our district, his legacy will live on for generations of Mustangs to come. 

We are dedicated to continue his legacy through the expansion of the school based farm programs and continue the ecological studies of our land. Curtis was a great friend to the district, our kids and our mission. Mr. Irish will be deeply missed and may he rest in peace.