Volunteers Needed for Mohawk Robotics Tournament

Seeking Volunteers for the Mohawk Robotics Tournament!   The tournament is coming up on Saturday, February 22, and we still don’t have enough volunteers for this huge event.

Experience or special knowledge is not necessary, all you need is an interest in helping, and a readiness to experience the fun world of competitive robotics!

Event volunteers are the heart and soul of VEX Robotics competitions. We rely on Referees to keep things fair, Emcees to keep things exciting, and Queuers to keep things on schedule! Volunteering at a VEX competition is easy to learn, fun to do, and rewarding for everyone involved.

All training is provided via training videos ahead of the tournament (for referees), and experienced people will help on the day of.  You’ll even receive delicious meals to keep your energy up!

Use this form to volunteer!   Thank you for helping our local youth in their endeavors!

Renee Klein

Dustin DeGeorge