December 2022 ESPY Award Winners

Marcola School District Board Members want to Recognize our students monthly for exceptional performance at school.

ESPY: Exceptional Student Performance this Year – award is given to students who are doing well academically and have an exceptionally positive attitude about school. They demonstrate respect and responsibility towards staff and their peers.  They show courage by not conforming to Peer pressure and refuse to accept anyone who bullies.  

The MSD School Board and the District want to recognize these students by celebrating their success at the beginning of each Board Meeting each month.  Students receive a certificate, meet each of our Board members, and their names are announced on the district website.

December 2022  ESPY Winners are;

Christian Rodriguez - Kindergarten nominated by Jennifer Crouch

“Christian takes his time with assignments and is always ready to give his best effort while staying focused. Christian is very tolerant and notifies teachers if he is bothered by another student. He is always helping improve the classroom by cleaning up. Christian takes his time with assignments, and he is always ready to give his best effort while staying focused."

Juliet Devenport - 7th grade nominated by MMS Staff

"Juliet is a positive role model for other students. She's responsible, well-organized and displays leadership qualities both in the classroom and in the extracurricular activities she participates in. Juliet is kind and encouraging to others, always offering to lend a hand where it's needed.  Juliet demonstrates respect to her teachers, the EA's and other students. In Math, Juliet is accelerated and works independently on challenging math concepts above her current grade level. In Language Arts she reads well above grade level and puts forth extra effort to expand her written responses and make sure she's done her best work. She contributes ideas to our Middle School leadership team and uses her artistic talent and creativity to design posters for activities.”

Corbin Dalton - 9th grade nominated by MHS Staff

“Corbin is an excellent contributor to Mohawk High School. He is hard working, thoughtful and kind to those around him. Whether it is in the math classroom or the woodshop, Cobin displays his thoughtfulness and problem solving in ways that promote his success, and leads to deeper levels of learning. Corbin is always in class, on time, ready to learn, and he takes advantage of all the opportunities provided to him. Corbin is a hardworking student that takes his education seriously. His work ethic is applied to all his classes, and in his extra curricular activities. Staff reports that he is a pleasure to have in class because he asks good questions, displays genuine curiosity, and is aware of his impact on others. Corbin helps Mohawk build a culture of kindness and respect by treating others with positive regard, while setting an example of how to be a successful student both academically and socially. We are proud of Corbin's efforts, and proud to have him at Mohawk.”

These students are all shining examples of the MSD spirit and we are thrilled to be able to recognize them for being exceptional students.