Marcola School District Board Members want to Recognize our students monthly for exceptional performance at school.

ESPY: Exceptional Student Performance this Year – award is given to students doing well academically and having an exceptionally positive attitude about school. They demonstrate respect and responsibility towards staff and their peers.  They show courage by not conforming to Peer pressure and refusing to accept anyone who bullies.  

The MSD School Board and the District want to recognize these students by celebrating their success at the beginning of each monthly Board Meeting.  Students receive a certificate, meet each of our Board members, and their names are announced on the district website.

January 2024 ESPY Winners are;

Peyton Reese - 5th grade nominated by Alan Shafer

"Every day since the beginning, Peyton arrives at school eager to learn. She consistently demonstrates a strong determination to grasp all the material we cover, never faltering in the face of challenges. 

Peyton is actively engaged in both small group and whole class activities, infusing them with her infectious positivity. As a Model Mustang, she not only sets a high standard for her peers but also serves as an inspiration for younger students. 

Peyton's upbeat attitude and cheerful demeanor contribute significantly to fostering an inclusive and vibrant classroom environment".

Maddison Breckel - 6th grade nominated by MMS Staff

“Maddison is always one of the first to arrive in class and is prepared with all of her materials and ready to take on the day of learning!

Maddison is never off task and provides a shining example of a responsible and respectful Mustang! She gets her work turned in early and is eager to learn and improve her writing and research efforts.

Maddison could be selected as our ESPY Award winner any month of the school year.  Her relentless pursuit of academic excellence and genuine kindness to all of those around her speak volumes about her character and make MMS a little brighter every day!”

Emma Romane - 12th grade nominated by MHS Staff

“Emma Romane has been selected as the ESPY winner this month due to her strong academic performance, her commitment to improving school culture, and the high standard she sets for herself.

Emma is performing very well in all her classes, including classes through the Lane Early College program at Lane Community College. She has been able to balance the demands of her classes at both locations, while also participating in varsity level athletics. She has navigated the challenges with staff at both institutions with ease, and built strong communication skills to ensure her success. She has excellent grades at both locations, which has led to her acceptance at multiple colleges and universities already.

Emma is the current ASB vice president. She takes this role seriously as she works to put on events that are engaging and positive for students. Her creativity and care when planning these events is a key reason they continue to improve over time. Emma is not afraid to step up and take on challenges, or put in extra work to make sure things go well for others.

Emma is also positive towards peers and adults. Over her time at Mohawk, she has built many strong relationships that she has maintained, even through difficulties. She is not someone that all people enjoy being around, and are excited to see succeed at Mohawk and beyond. We feel that we can count on Emma to continue to build a positive community environment at Mohawk, as she completes her senior year with us. 

We are very proud of Emma, and look forward to her future success.”

These students are all shining examples of the MSD spirit, and we are thrilled to be able to recognize them for being exceptional students.