November 2022 ESPY Award Winners

Marcola School District Board Members want to Recognize our students monthly for exceptional performance at school.

ESPY: Exceptional Student Performance this Year – award is given to students who are doing well academically and have an exceptionally positive attitude about school. They demonstrate respect and responsibility towards staff and their peers.  They show courage by not conforming to Peer pressure and refuse to accept anyone who bullies.  

The MSD School Board and the District want to recognize these students by celebrating their success at the beginning of each Board Meeting each month.  Students receive a certificate, meet each of our Board members, and their names are announced on the district website.

 November 2022  ESPY Winners are;

 Amelia VanderPloeg - 5th grade nominated by Alan Shafer

“Amelia comes to school every day with a big smile on her face. She is one of the first to be at her desk working on her warm-up. She comes to school prepared and ready to learn every day. During school, Amelia interacts with her peers and adults in very respectful ways. She is polite and kind to everyone around her. Amelia always works hard on completing her work and understanding the work she is doing. Amelia also is very attentive and participates in group discussions. Amelia has demonstrated she is a model mustang. She shows up to school every day ready to learn and be a part of the classroom community. She brings a positive attitude and kindness to the classroom every day."

 Jorge Perez-Anderson - 6th grade nominated by Rob Jerome

"Jorge is ready to learn before the bell rings for the start of class. He is very respectful of everyone around him and consistently demonstrates great focus and effort. Jorge enhances the learning environment in my classroom by showing others how to be a respectful and responsible student.  Jorge's effort never waivers and his ability to remain focused in any context provides an aspirational blueprint for his peers to follow. Jorge usually doesn't get his assignments in on their due dates because he usually turns his homework in EARLY.  He always strives to do his best and by turning in his work early he is able to revise his work and make more significant learning gains. Jorge has been exceptional since the day he walked into my classroom for the first time.  Jorge is always focused, helpful, friendly, and respectful to those around him.”


Sophie Pack - 12th grade nominated by MHS Staff

“Sophie demonstrates respect and responsibility in her daily life at Mohawk. She travels from out of district to be a part of the Mohawk community, takes her education seriously, and makes responsible choices to prepare herself for life beyond high school. Sophie is always respectful and takes time to share a smile or kind words with those around her. Sophie has not had any behavior incidents at school. She is a thoughtful student, who brings any issues she has to the proper people, and in a responsible way. Sophie has been an outstanding citizen of Mohawk High School. Sophie is an academically gifted student. She sets herself apart from her peers by producing high-quality work and remaining focused on her own personal academic goals. Sophie has consistently demonstrated a commitment to being a strong student and member of our community. We feel fortunate to have her, and we are excited to see what the future holds for her.”


These students are all shining examples of the MSD spirit and we are thrilled to be able to recognize them for being exceptional students.