Early College Program

TEACH-NW has established Early College Programs [ECP] with the following community colleges:

TEACH-NW will authorize up to 12 credits per term, including mandatory fees that relate to the student’s Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and Education Plan and Profile (EPP). TEACH-NW will also provide up to $200 per term toward the purchase of textbooks and supplies.

Additional course fees will require approval from the Director of TEACH-NW. Students are responsible for unapproved tuition and fees in excess of 12 credits per term. 

Students participating in TEACH-NW's Early College Program will not receive an allotment in addition to the full-time ECP allocation.

For students enrolling in fewer than 12 college credits, the standard allotment can be used upon approval from TEACH-NW's Academic and Career Counselor.

TEACH-NW students who wish to participate in our Early College Program [ECP] are encouraged to contact our Academic and Career Advisor, Lisa Sequeira, via email at lsequeira@marcola.k12.or.us or by cell @ 541-952-1156. 

TEACH-NW College Board School Code: 380040. Please use this number when registering for the following: SAT/AP/College Planning/Accuplacer